About the product

Are your products gluten-free?
Yes! All of our products are gluten-free.

Are your products soy free?
Some of our products do not include soy in the recipe, but since there is soy in our facilities, all of our products may contain traces of soy.

Do you have any sugar free options?
Most of our pepperoni sticks contain a small amount of sugar to support the fermentation process but are otherwise considered sugar-free.

Do your products need to be refrigerated?
All of our products are shelf-stable, meaning they do not have to be refrigerated before or after opening. The only exception is our Pepperoni and Cheese sticks as well as our BBQ sausage, which are only available at select locations.

Are your products Keto friendly?
Yes, our products are Keto friendly.

Where can I find the expiry or Best Before date?
The Best Before date is printed on each of our products in either black or green ink. It reads YY-MM-DD. If the product is past this date, you will not get sick, but the quality will be worse than if it was fresh.

Orders and shipping

Do you ship to the U.S.?
Unfortunately, we do not ship to the U.S. at this time. Stay tuned for the future, and hopefully a Canadian friend can help you out!

Do you offer bulk discounts?
We only offer bulk discounts to retailers. If you are a retailer, please email us at info@greatcanadianmeat.com​ and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer free shipping over a certain amount?


  • Flat rate of $20 for orders under $50
  • Over $50, free shipping


  • Flat rate of $20 for orders under $100
  • Over $100, free shipping

NWT, Yukon, Nunavut

  • Flat rate of $40 for orders under $150
  • Over $150, free shipping

This only applies to our shelf stable meat products. Any refrigerated items cannot be shipped at this time.

Where to Buy: Ontario

Great Canadian Meat:
Circle K stores, Parkland Fuel Corp stores (Esso, Pioneer, Ultramar stations), Canadian Tire Gas Bars, Daisy Mart and Beckers, Peavey Mart, MacEwan Gas, Quickie, Longo’s, Farm Boy, Hasty Mart, select Picard stores, Kawartha Dairy, select Home Hardware stores, Flying J’s, Lococo’s, Rabba stores, Bulk Barn, Dollartree, Royal Distributing, Pelee Island Winery, independent gas and convenience stores.

Foodland, Farm Boy, McEwan Don Mills and TD Centre, Vince’s Market, Magnotta Wineries, Loblaws Maple Leaf Gardens, Organic Garage, Longo’s and many independent grocery stores and markets.

Our BBQ sausage can be purchased at our retail location in Whitby, ON, The Trading Post in Port Perry, ON, Algoma Orchards in Bowmanville, ON and The Big Apple in Colborne, ON.

The BBQ sausages can also be found at the following locations but in limited quantities:

White Feather Farms in Oshawa, ON, La Mantias Grocery in Lindsay, ON, Three Roads Farms in Keene, ON, Carnarvon Convenience in Carnarvon, ON Cardiff Country Store in Cardiff, ON.

Where to Buy: Quebec and Maritimes

Couche-Tard/ Circle K stores, MacEwan gas, Canadian Tire gas, and many independent retailers.

Where to Buy: Rest of Canada

Canadian Tire gas locations, as well as many independent retailers depending on where you live. If you have a specific inquiry, email us​ or order online!

Customer Service

If you are unhappy with a product or wish to make a return, please contact us at info@greatcanadianmeat.com​ and a team member will be happy to assist you. If you are returning an online order, please include your order number in the email.

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